- Two Fullbright Scholarships
- NBC President's Award
- Italian Government Prize
- Annenberg Motion Picture Fellowship
- Foothill College, Palo Alto, CA  - Third Prize
- Cine Foundation, Venice  - Premio San Giorgio
- American Film Festival - Honors
- International Documentary Film Festival, Oberhausen - Fist Prize
- Three Cine Goldn Eagle Awards
- International Science Fiction Festival, Trieste - Diploma
- Nicola Tesla National Film Festival, Belgrade - Special Diploma
- Villa Dolic, Spain - Diploma
- Auteurs Award,  Cannes Film Festival, France, 1974
- Long Island International Film Festival - First Prize, Golden Glove Award for        Best Feature Film: " ONCE"
- International Award Winning Selection of the Mid-80's Product design, By Sandra Edwards and Editors of ID (Industrial Design) Magazine
Mort Heilig has designed over one hundred inventions. The following are some that have been built.
SENSORAMA MOTION PICTURE PROJECTOR - A closed loop 35 mm projector capable of projecting a 10 minute 35mm film 16,000 times (the formerrecord was 2000 times)
SENSORAMA 3-D MOTION PICTURE CAMERA - Side-by-side dual film 35mm 3-D motion picture camera, with two 400 ft magazines. This camera is small enough to be hand-held.
THRILLERAMA THEATER - Rear Projected 3-D motion picture system with live actors in front of the screen, interacting with teh 3-D images on the screen.
HASSELBLAD 3-D CAMERA MOUNT- Designed for shooting large 3-D stills with side-by-side Hasselblad cameras.
HASSELBLAD 3-D CAMERA MOUNT- Designed for shooting large 3-D stills with side-by-side Hasselblad cameras.
PIG PIX 3-D VIEWER - A still viewer, that presents large peripheral 3-D images, which can be folded flat and sent through the mail.
MOTOCRUISER - A gas powered 3-wheel stand up scooter, with folding handle, that fits into the trunk of a car
POWERSKOOT - An electric battery powered 3-wheel sit down scooter that folds and fits into the trunk of a car.
TWINBLADE ROLLER SKATES - Rollerskates that combine some of the best features of in-line and quad (four-wheel) skates.
ROLLERHANDS - Rhand weights that provide skaters with upper body exercise, rear view mirrors, and shock absorption in the event of a fall.
TELESPHERE MASK - First patented head-mounted display, with stereoscopic (3-D) TV, wide vision and true binaural sound..
EXPERIENCE THEATER  - A motion picture theater that gives a large audience an illusion of reality, via 3-D motion pictures, with peripheral imagery, directional sound, aromas, wind, temperature variations and body tilting.
SENSORAMA SIMULATOR  - A simulator for one to four people that provides an illusion of reality.
SUPERCRUISER SCOOTER  - A four wheel, foot-powered scooter, with dual drum brakes, and quick-folding handle.
ALL TERRAIN SKATEBOARD  - A skateboard with four 8-inch pneumatic tires and an up-and-down foot deck.
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