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IDEA BOOKS (qty 57)
During the course of his life, Mort filled out 57 spiral notebooks with his thoughts. He called these "Idea Books". They were a collection of ideas, his philosophy and comments, new inventions, drawings, plans etc. Some of these were later developed into his future inventions, and some of them even patented, see list of these in his Biography section.
His idea books are in the process of being transcribed and put in electronic format for easier viewing and navigating. Herein is a VERY incomplete list of some of the contents of some of the Idea Books.
Idea Book #1 (some of the contents)
This first book was written in 1944, when he was 17-1/2 years old. It is the summer before he has to go in to military service. He writes a 2 page biography about himself and his plans and dreams. The rest of the 23 pages are experiences as infantry at the end of WWII in Europe.

Idea Book #9 (some of the contents)
The merits of education : the five characteristics of an educated man:
1/ Correctness and precision in the use of the mother tongue.
2/ Refined and gentle manners - done unconsciously and almost instinctively.
3/ Power and habit of reflection
4/ The power of growth - ability to grow and develop from birth to death.
5/ Efficiency - the power to do and to act with discipline (control over oneself and one's environment.)
He also writes about films he would make, educational films, philosophic films.

(Transcripts of his lectures to follow)
ARTICLES (about him or by him)
Enter the Experiential Revolution - Cyberarts - by Miller Freeman
Cinema of the Future - Originally published in Espacios in 1955, later reprinted in MIT Press in 1992.
The Learning Wall - The Dubnoff School of Educational Therapy
Physical Design - Annenberg School of Communcation, Pennsylvania
Blueprint for a New Hollywood - by Morton Heilig (1971)
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