Morton kept a series of diaries called the "Idea Books". They started out as diaries for jotting down his philosophy, his thoughts on politics, society, education etc. But many of his Idea Books also have quirky, off the wall ideas for future inventions. They may sound quirky, but many have been created by others independently (or not) of ever hearing of his original idea. We collected out some particularly interesting ideas (and will continue to do so, as the website evolves). Welcome to the Realm of Fantasy!
Personalized Swimming Conditioner (great for men with sedentary jobs)
Since swimming is by far the greatest body conditioner - for the outside muscle system and particularly for heart, lungs and circulation (much better than any sport, a great heart, lund disease prventative sport) I believe that  an individualized swimming machine that can be installed in anybody's home or backyard should have a market value. It promotes the idea of taking a bath, a swim for external and internal body toning at the same time.
Person is in a pool of water, he is hooked to the outside of the pool. He is swimming but stationary, he has a mirror under him, he can see himself, there is a speaker for music to swim by. The mirrors and music and shadow pattern projector devices are for the purpose of creating an illusion of movement and overcoming the sense of restriction and confinement.
The Lean Machine
A covered 4-wheel electric scooter or motorcycle. The entire body of the car can lean. Easy to park, compact, good commuter vehicle, good excercise, no licence required. 
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