Physical Fitness Products - SUPERCRUISER INC.
From about 1980 till his death, Mort worked for his company, Supercruiser, Inc. in which he built, mass produced, marketed and sold his line of physical fitness products. These were his inventions, some patented, some not. Mort always placed great emphasis on physical fitness. He loved skateboarding, but wanted a safer skateboard. He invented one with handles, hand-brakes, foldable and compact, this was the Supercruiser, the Streetcruiser, the Minicruiser. Later came the Motocruiser (motorized version), the Windcruiser (Sail on land), the Icecruiser, the Snowcruiser, the Dirtboard etc. Other inventions were his special Rollerskates and the Rollerhands which  give an upper body workout while rollerskating. He was also working on a full body work-out machine, much like a rower/bicycle.
The Minicruiser is presently on sale through eBay. Just search for the word "Minicruiser" and you will find it.
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