An allegorical art film shot entirely without dialogue. It was filmed in 1973 on the island of Espiritu Santos, in Baja, Mexico . The Producer was Marianne Heilig, the Writer/Director/Cameraman/ Editor was Morton. It was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 1974 and received the Autuers Award.

Cristopher Mitchum as Creation
Jim Malinda as Destruction
Marta Kristen as Humanity
Creation washes up on a beach alone.  Soon Destruction, who is his counterpart appears. Creation makes life, and Destruction unable to create, simply destroys, yet they live in a certain balance. But when Creation creates Humanity (Marta) for companionship a bitter strugle ensues. Humanity becomes vain and independent. Creation strikes out at her. Humanity begins to embrace Destruction's path. Only with the gift of love can Creation finally defeat Destruction.